About Us



We've been around since 1992 and our President/founder has been in the industry for over 35 years.  Using this experience along with our innovative approach, our customers get the right solution for their specific business application.



Getting things from point A to point B may seem simple, but at times the level of intricacy even can surprise us!  The ultimate goal is to do this using components and methodology that create a stable and reliable system for our customers.



As custom metal fabricators, we understand the importance of using quality materials.  Key Material has a reputation of using only parts and components that have stood the test of time and application.

Our Skills & Expertise

With our skills, expertise and attention to detail we are there for you for every phase of your Material Handling project.   We believe we have a responsibility to our customers to not just design and build the appropriate system, but also assist in providing maintenance and repairs as needed to help maximize the return on investment of our systems over their  life span.